The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is devoted to protecting and restoring our beloved bay that stretches through six states and is connected to many rivers, streams and creeks. Not only do they focus on bay restoration but alsooutdoor education for upcoming generations to learn the vitality of the Bay's ecosystem and the vast extent of its watershed.

Did you know?

The bay has dead zones due to excessive nitrogen and phosphorous pollution that suffocate our fish, crabs, oysters and other aquatic life.

There are reefs in the bay! Oyster reefs, that are vital for water filtration and a thriving aquatic ecosystem.

How the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Helps

One adult oyster can filter up to50 gallons of water a day, $5 plants 500 oysters in the bay

70-90% of striped bass are born in the bay. CBF help restore water oxygen levels with oyster reef balls to increase vital water health.

They insipre and educate studentsto better understand our bay and build advocacy in upcoming generations.

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